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Power Peg Pro

The Power Peg Pro is the latest addition to the motorized pegwinder family. Featuring a newly engineered wider head that fits all electric, bass and acoustic guitar tuning machines. Restring your instrument up to 80% faster than manual pegwinders. The Power Peg Pro is equipped with more torque working with all tension requirements from mandolins, ukuleles to vintage basses. With rechargeable lithium-ion battery and power adaptor included, buying batteries is now a thing of the past.

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Power Peg Pro Power Adapter

Introducing the exclusive power supply for your Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro, the ultimate guitar tuning peg winder. Engineered to deliver fast, clean power, this is the only power supply that guarantees optimal performance without the risk of damage. Perfect as a replacement or an additional power supply, it ensures your Power Peg Pro is always ready for action!

• Input Connector: Type A (US)
• Input Voltage Range: 100-240V AC
• Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Input Current Draw: 0.3A (300mA)
• Output Connector: Barrel plug, 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter
• Output Polarity: Center Pin Positive
• Output Voltage: 5.0V DC
• Output Current Delivery: 1.3A (1300mA)
• Cable Length: 96” (2.4M)

Sku: P06197