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Guitar straps and guitar strap locks are the forgotten heroes of the instrument world. They can make the difference between sitting on a couch mellowly jamming and wildly shredding on stage in front of a crowd. Guitar straps give you freedom, portability, and support to comfortably play your guitar or bass. We have over 25 styles and 2 different materials available to choose from, ensuring that you will find the right style for you. All of our straps can be adjusted to achieve the most comfortable length for you and your bass or guitar.

Our most popular strap is the polypropylene (polypro) strap that comes in 11 different colors, including black, white, and even rainbow. Colors are guaranteed not to bleed or stretch. The polypro webbing is computer stitched to a black leather endpiece with the Ernie Ball logo stamped in gold. The length can be adjusted from 38" to 68". If you are looking to add even more style or pattern to your guitar rig, then check out the 2015 Jacquard strap line. Designs ranging from Santa Fe to Royal Bloom could be your go-to acoustic guitar strap.

Once you pick out the right guitar strap for you, don`t forget about guitar strap locks to secure your strap to the right position for you. Ernie Ball super locks are made from either nickel plated, black oxide finished, or gold plated steel. They give you a 360 degree secure connection and feature sturdy mechanics that provide ultimate durability. You`ll never again have to worry about your guitar or bass getting loose and falling mid-set.

Protect your instruments and make sure they are secure with the perfect guitar strap and guitar strap locks. Find all Ernie Ball accessories at a music store near you. Locations that carry Ernie Ball products can be found with our Store Locator.

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