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Nick Martin

Sleeping With Sirens

Nick Martin from Sleeping With Sirens sits down to talk about his Ernie Ball Music Man guitars, philosophy on tone and gear, and gives us a little musical tasting.

Chad Gilbert

New Found Glory

Chad gives us some insight on his gear, how he developed as a player, the musical philosophy of New Found Glory and plays some of his signature riffs!

Andy Williams

Every Time I Die

Andy gives us some insight on Every Time I Die's ethos, influences, gear, and what it takes to keep things rolling on Warped!

Ryan Sitkowski

Motionless In White

In this episode of Ernie Ball: The Sound of Warped, an exclusive interview with Ryan Sitkowski from Motionless In White. Ryan talks, gear, influences, and what it's like to play on Warped!

Brooks Betts

Mayday Parade

Brooks tells us how he got his start playing, his unique approach to rhythm guitar playing, and gives us a rundown of his live rig of on Warped Tour!

Eric Haines

Real Friends

Eric talks influences and gives us a rundown of his unique guitar rig on warped!

Kaleo Wassman


Kaleo gives us the scoop on his approach to music, what gear is integral for his live and studio sound, and talks warped!

Aaron Saunders

The Color Morale

Aaron chats about his early days of playing guitar, his gear on warped, and his custom set of Ernie Ball Cobalt strings!